•     Undertake professional office space, hotel restaurant, the sales department. Model room, villa mansion, building / garden design and decoration, etc.    

Guangzhou Sanhe Decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, incorporated in 1998 in Guangzhou, since its inception, in the renovation market experienced 20 years of trials and temper. Thanks to the efforts of friends Sanhe were relentless and the community for their support, the company has continually develop and grow, so far the company has high-quality staff of more than 5,000 people. Companies with branches PRD and various provinces and cities throughout the country.

   Over the years the company pursues limited space, unlimited creative design, dedicated to the design and construction of hotels, clubs, restaurants, gardens, villas, office buildings and other commercial space. Has won national and provincial awards design competition, and through the efforts of all staff, won the "2003 Annual consumer confidence decoration sector enterprises", "2004 Guangdong Province consumer satisfaction", "corporate integrity decoration industry in 2005 "," well-known decoration company in Guangzhou "," Guangzhou City Environmental Protection propaganda enterprise "and other awards, and become a" China Building Decoration Association member units "," Guangdong Decoration Industry Association member units "," Guangzhou Municipal Building Decoration Association unit " "IFDA International Decoration Association Southern Region director unit", "Chinese interior decoration design and construction of double-B qualified enterprises." Guangdong Province issued by the Office of Housing and Urban architectural decoration engineering design and construction quality Erji.

   Inheritance and aggregation of many talents history makes life richer Sanhe enterprises, companies with a scientific management and technical strength, and actively participate in the decoration market competition, which has won good reputation Plus customers. Sanhe sincerely hope to have more friends and customers of the company to learn more about, adding more trust and cooperation more decorations business.

 Office space designOffice Space

Modern office space design concept in the constantly changing, the development has been designed for "Human Spirit" concerns the function. The largest office space design goal is to create a comfortable, convenient, healthy, safe and efficient working environment for the staff, to a greater extent to improve the efficiency of the staff, to meet the development needs of interpersonal activities.

 The hotel restaurant space designHotel & Restaurant

Optimal design condition should be design and architecture and interior merge into one,  

this is the perfect combination of rational and emotional.

 Sales center model room designSales center model room

Architectural Philosophy sales office, may be a combination of today's rational, business, trends, fashion complex space complex, and yet is the most representative of the micro-era building.

 Club House Space DesignClub House

Perfect design should be able to reflect the user's personality, preferences and cultural backgrounds to meet their functional same time, try to be practical, thus unifying the overall style of the decoration.

 Garden Architecture Space DesignGarden Architecture

Respect the site, local conditions, to seek close ties with the site and the surrounding environment, the formation of the overall design concept.

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